Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Advanced Nature Photography



Course Outline

      This class is usually completed in 3-4 sessions, each approximately 2.5 hours.  Slides and photographic prints will be used to teach concepts and reinforce the material in the lectures.  Time will be taken during each session, especially during the last session to answer any questions that may arise; this is to assure that you understand the material in the course.  Our classes are one-on-one so we can easily answer all of your questions and cover anything you want.  You get to gear the class to exactly what you want to learn.  The lesson plan below is a basic guide to the concepts taught.


Lesson 1

  • Course Overview

  • Review of Fundamentals

  • Critiquing a Photograph

  • Advanced Composition

 Lesson 2

  • Advanced Exposure Techniques (metering methods)

  • Equipment Used in Nature Photography: Cameras, Lenses, Camera supports

  • Flash and Fill-In Flash

  • Filters

 Lesson 3

  • Photographing Waterfalls

  • Photographing Wildlife

  • Photographing Landscapes

 Lesson 4

  • What You Don’t See is What You Get

  • Improving Your Photographic Vision

  • Review

  • Places to Photograph in the US and Abroad

  • Answer Questions



Please call for pricing:  973-632-8635.   

I have included a lot of material into this course.  Many of the tips taught have taken me years to acquire and learn and come from a diverse collection of books, workshops, seminars, etc.   Small class size ensures individual attention.  You will learn how to improve your photography by taking this course!  Check out the testimonials on the previous page or contact me for prior students you can talk to.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  


Schedule & Location

Classes are taught throughout the year.  Please call: (973) 632-8635  for availability, starting dates, and any other questions you may have. 

Classes are held anytime, daytime or evening.  Click on the following link for directions: Natural World Photography - Directions


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