Elephant Family at Waterhole:
I was photographing a group of elephants at a waterhole in Namibia's Etosha National Park one afternoon.  I chose to shoot into the sun to get some dramatic backlighting.   I was also excited to see that this group contained a few baby elephants, and everyone loves baby pictures so I tried to make the most of this opportunity. 

I took this image late one afternoon shooting into the sun to get backlighting on the elephants.  Exposing the image properly is critical for these images and difficult.  I used the spot meter in my camera and took a reading on one of the shadowed babies in the front and set my exposure for -0.7stops.  This is as dark as I wanted the babies, so that you could still see detail in their hide.  I could not worry about getting detail in the water.  I spot metered the background elephants and obtained a reading of  0 to +0.3 stops, and I knew I they would also be exposed well.  This is a scene where you need to expose for the shadows and not the highlights.  I also used the fastest shutter speed I could to freeze the motion as the babies were walking.  The slight movement in their legs is fine and helps convey movement. 

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