Roseate Spoonbill Landing:
I caught this Spoonbill just as he was about to land in an old tree.  The dramatic pose with wings spread and toes splayed tell the story in this image.  The contrast of the bright red/pink bird against the blue sky really made my subject stand out.  Try to capture the "action" and tell a story with your photographs, because these are the images people will remember. 

I shot this in Florida at around 6:30pm in order to get warm low lighting on the bird.   Because there was a lot of light in the sky and no clouds I could use the "Sunny 16 rule" to determine my exposure.  The rule goes as follows:  f16 for your aperture and the reciprocal of you film speed for the shutter speed.  I was using 200 speed film, so my setting was 1/200 @ f16.  I then opened the lens up 2 stops to f8 which allowed me to increase my shutter speed to 1/800  and obtain the speed I needed to freeze the bird in mid-air and capture the action. 

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