Portland Head Light at Dusk:
A)  The lighthouse is off-center in the frame in the upper left thirds position. 
This allows room to show the rocky coast and get a "feel" for the scene.  Try to take lighthouse pictures when it is lit.  A lighthouse, even miles away will show up in a photograph.  

B)  The rocks in the foreground are sharp and the striations in the rocks work as lead-in lines to get the viewer into the picture.  There is a strong diagonal balance between the lighthouse in the upper left of the frame and the rocks in the lower right.  Try to effectively use the entire space in a picture.  

C)  The horizon is straight.  This is mandatory for images showing a horizon.   

I took this image at twilight in order to get the best light on the lighthouse and rocks.  I used f22 and hyperfocal distance in order to get the foreground and background sharp.  Using an enhancing filter allowed me to accentuate the warm colors in the sky.  


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