Seastack at Sunset:
Seastacks are islands that are formed due to erosion of the surrounding land.  Many , such as this one shown here are located off the pacific northwest coastline.  I photographed this one in LaPush, Washington several years ago on a trip to Olympic National Park. 

I took this image late one afternoon shooting into the sun to get backlighting on the seastack.  like last months tip, I simply composed the scene with the sun in it and fired away, knowing that the brightness of the sun would cause my camera to underexpose the scene and create beautiful silhouettes of the seastack.  I balanced the scene by using a foreground object to help ground the viewer.   Here I used sea foam as the foreground object.  I positioned mysel low to the ground and used a wide-angle lens of 20mm to accentuate the sea foam. 

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