Snow Geese In Flight:
Sometime in late November and early December thousands of snow geese migrate to southern New Jersey.  The Forsythe NWR in Brigantine hosts 3-5,000 of these birds annually.  Late one day as the sun was setting behind a bank of clouds, I tried to capture a group of these birds as they landed and flew to and from the several ponds and waterways there. 

I took this image late one afternoon shooting into the sun to get backlighting on the birds.  Exposing the image properly is critical for these images is easy, as compared to last month's backlit image.  Because I could not position myself for front-lighting, I simply composed the scene with the sun in it and fired away, knowing that the brightness of the sun would cause my camera to underexpose the scene and create beautiful silhouettes of the birds in flight.  I tried to wait until quite a number of birds were flying to fill my frame with action. 

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