Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Advanced Nature Photography


          Wildlife Photography - White-Tailed Deer Family


     This class provides information beyond the concepts taught in a basic photography class.  In  this class we will discuss advanced compositional elements of shape and color as well as how to critically critique images. Since proper exposure is the key to any good photograph, various techniques for obtaining proper exposure will be covered in detail. In addition we will discuss: the effective use of flash and filters to obtain better photographs; specific techniques for wildlife photography and landscape photography, selecting the proper equipment, and places to photograph near (New Jersey, NJ) and far. In conclusion we will cover setting photographic goals and marketing your work. By the end of the course the student should be able to critically critique a photograph, understand what proper exposure is and how to obtain it, and gain insight into what makes a great photograph.  


"James' Advanced Nature Photo class has opened my eyes and re-focused my vision on photography. Even though I've been a better-than-average amateur photographer for over 20 years, Jim's extensive knowledge and obvious passion for Wildlife and Landscape photography was able to condense and pinpoint many aspects of turning a snapshot into a true photograph that stands out from the crowd. He freely shares and explains secrets of how he produced dozens of his own outstanding photos taken around the corner and around the globe. If you only have time and money for one photo seminar, I recommend this one highly!"  

Thanks, Alan - Class of 8/2003

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