Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

35mm Photography: The Basics


     Landscape Photography - Miner's Castle    


      Besides discussing the basic operations of an SLR 35mm camera, this course will explain in detail the basics of photography including composition, exposure, lighting, and depth-of-field. In addition students will learn how to "make" a photograph by using various apertures, shutter speeds, and lenses. The course also gives an overview of how various filters and the use of flash can be used to create different photographic images. After taking this class, students will have a firm understanding of what makes a good photograph, they will be familiar with the basic operations of 35mm cameras both point and shoot as well as SLR format cameras, and will have the knowledge to generate quality photographs.  Furthermore, the student will be familiar with most of the terminology used in basic photography books, this in order for the student to be able to continue their education beyond what this course teaches. 

The next step is to practice and take a lot of images.  We also have sessions on photo editing and output and printing images for display.  Students can also learn more about creating their own photo books by visiting picture.com


"Just wanted to let you know how interesting and helpful I found your Basic Course. I've had a SLR camera for years but didn’t know what to do with it beyond ‘program mode.’  Your class taught me all the information I need to control the quality of the pictures I take.  Not only did I learn about the technical aspects of picture taking but also some of the ‘art’ involved - what to think about when composing a shot.  The slide and print review built into each lesson was particularly helpful in reinforcing that day’s lesson.  I thoroughly enjoyed each class and am anxious to apply what was taught.  As I improve, I expect to take your Advanced Class as well."

Karen 2/04


"I want to thank you for holding these classes.  Since I have never taken any photography classes before nor have I read any photography books, I decided to take your Basic Course.  I love to take pictures but have been disappointed too many times by the quality of the photos that my point and shoot camera takes.  I have gone through a few of these cameras not really knowing much about them but always trying to find ways to improve the pictures I was taking.  Finally I realized that I need a real camera and some idea of how to take those great pictures but didn't know where to start. I thought about taking photography classes at different universities but the courses seemed too long and too expensive. Then I discovered your site! I finally understand...and just in four weeks! I just bought my first camera and feel confident that I made the right choice with the camera body and the lens for my needs.  Prior to this class, I had no idea what I should look for and what is really important when making these purchases.  I have also learned about composition, exposures, depth of field, film saturation, and different techniques. I was extremely impressed with your vast pool of knowledge and grateful for all your help, suggestions, and time. I now know what to look for in trying to capture those great shots and what to avoid and how to use natural light to my benefit.  As soon as I become more familiar with my new camera, I'm coming back to take your Advance Course.  The course is so affordable and easy to follow that I think it would benefit anyone who owns a camera! Thanks again and see you soon."

 Izabella 8/03


"In a comfortable, friendly environment Jim will teach the fundamentals of creating a picture.  This course is great for those who may want to progress beyond the every day snapshot.  In this course the student learns all the functions of their camera, be it a state of the art digital a basic manual SLR, or a point and shoot.  The student will learn how to compose a picture, the basics of exposure, what f-stop and shutter speed to use to obtain different effects.  What film to use, flash photography, and what to look for when shopping for equipment are other important topics that are covered.  Jim’s informative lectures and interesting slides make 2 to 2 ½ hours go quickly.  During the four week course the student is asked to take pictures (homework) and during the last class Jim critiques these pictures. 
Jim, thanks for a great course.  Thanks for increasing my enthusiasm in photography."  

 Ken,  Class of  06/03 


"Thanks again for a great photography class.  It re-ignited my desire to take pictures.  Now, taking pictures has become both more challenging and enjoyable at the same time - the challenge to take better pictures and the thrill of success.  Moreover, I learned a great deal about how to take better and more interesting and artistic pictures as well as the proper operation of my camera and gear.  Terms such as composition, focal distance and exposure, to name a few, have been utilized on a regular basis as opposed to an abstract theory in a text book.  But most of all I learned to better appreciate the art of photography.  I will gladly recommend your course to others."

Andy  05/03

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