Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Landscape photography - Mountain Waterfall    James J. Stachecki is a conservation biologist who uses nature photography and science as tools to preserve endangered species. Born and raised in Michigan, he now resides in New Jersey.  James holds a Ph.D. degree in physiology and specializes in reproductive research.

    James has been exhibiting his photographic images for over 14 years in various cities around the mid-west and east coast, including New York City.  His photographs have been published in newspapers, magazines including: Nature's Best, Nature Photographer, Birder's World, and Peterson's Photographic, the International Library of Photography, and local calendars.  His photographs of wildlife and landscapes have won numerous contests.  Recently, he helped the Camera Naturalist's Camera Club win the 2004 Nature's Best photography contest.  

   variety of photography classes as well as workshops and photographic safaris to Africa are offered.  Through his photography, James hopes to share some of nature's beauty with others as well as increase public awareness of endangered animals and habitats.


"Photography allows us a glimpse into our natural world if only for a brief moment; a moment that is captured in time for us to enjoy and appreciate; our appreciation leads to respect and in turn, preservation."  

--James J. Stachecki


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