Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat

Wildlife photography - Sand Cat



Several photography classes,  seminars, and photographic workshops are available.   There is a photography class for people just starting out  as well as photography classes for the more advanced photographer.  We cover the use of both digital cameras as well as film cameras.  Both point and shoot as well as SLR cameras are covered. Photography classes are taught throughout the year depending on enrollment.  Private one-on-one lessons are also available for the aspiring photographer or the more advanced photographer.  Click on the title of the photo class or photo workshop you are interested in to obtain more information including a schedule and fees.  


Photography CLASSES


35mm Photography Class: The Basics

      This course is designed for entry level photographers and also serves as a good review for the more advanced photographer.  If you just bought a new digital SLR camera or have a camera that you don't know how to use or simply want to become more familiar with operating a camera, this class is for you!  Film and digital photographers welcome!  Click on the title for more information.  

"This course is great for those who may want to progress beyond the every day snapshot."  Ken

"The course is so affordable and easy to follow that I think it would benefit anyone who owns a camera! "  Isabella

"Not only did I learn about the technical aspects of picture taking but also some of the ‘art’ involved - what to think about when composing a shot."  Karen


Advanced Nature Photography Class

     This course is designed for the more advanced photographer as we will delve into techniques used by professional photographers to obtain magazine cover shots and award winning photographs.  A wide variety of advanced hard-to-find photographic techniques and tips will be presented.  Click on the title for more information.  

"Advanced Nature Photo class has opened my eyes and re-focused my vision on photography...If you only have time and money for one photo seminar, I recommend this one highly!"  Alan


Private Photographic lessons

     I am available to give private lessons to meet your specific photographic needs and goals.  Whether you are a beginner and need a little extra time to grasp the fundamentals or an advanced photographer who is looking to sharpen their skills or take their photography to the next level, I can help!  I have done in-house lessons as well as traveled across the country to teach photography.  Rates depend on the amount of instruction needed, travel expenses, etc.  Please call me to discuss your photographic needs and we will work something out.  If I am unable to help you because your skill level is beyond mine, I can suggest other professionals who's help you can seek.  I am versed in film as well as digital photography. 

“In taking a one-on-one photography class with James, I learned in 3 classes what I was not able to grasp from several other teachers over many other hours. He’s patient, teaches what you want and need to learn, and makes sure you understand it all before the classes are over. He even showed me each principle on all 3 cameras I brought with me the 1st night, plus his own. Now I’m reading everything I get my hands on and it makes a whole lot more sense."  

"I want to thank you for your private photography lessons.  The real value of your lessons is that it accelerated and reinforced my own personal learning.  I came in with a basic understanding and I came out as a better photographer."



photoshop EDITING & Printing

     This course is designed to teach you the basics of digitizing a photograph, or taking a digital image and manipulating it using Adobe Photoshop and other programs to edit the image so that it looks like the image you envisioned, and then outputting the digital file (digital printing through an ink jet printer).  You don't need to be a genius at digital photography or Photoshop to get great prints!  Click on the title for more information.  


photographIC workshopS

a day in the natural world

    This private photography workshop is designed for beginners as well as advanced photographers.  We will focus on three main aspects that make a good photograph: exposure, composition, and lighting.  In addition we will discuss equipment, photographic subjects, as well as techniques to improve your photography.  Other scheduled photographic workshops are available.  Click on the title for more information.  

"Your technical knowledge of photographic equipment in combination with composition and lighting helped me immensely."   Neil - workshop participant

"I thoroughly enjoyed your waterfall workshop. You provided many practical tips, and showed us many beautiful waterfalls! Great photography and a memorable day!"   Linda - workshop participant

James J. Stachecki
317 Springfield Road
Linden, NJ 07036
Phone (973) 632-8635


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